A man and a Van on a Mission.
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Grassy Noel

This site is dedicated to the reform of Marijuana laws and recognizing it's historical and proven medical benefits for various ailments and injuries. To inform the general public on how marijuana propaganda was funded by timber industry and other wealthy people who stood to lose money. Finally, getting people to acknowledge and speak out how dirty law enforcement is in this idiotic and useless drug war.
Sounds like a big task but trust me I'm not alone. Many people in this country feel it's time, past time to consider finally looking at marijuana in the medical industry. It's really nothing new, many of us have heard stories of cancer patients- proven claim of relief. I have regularly used marijuana to control my leg spasms for almost 20 years. Fact is, we just need to grow up in this country. Make the government stop putting out distorted depictions of marijuana use funded still by the pharmaceutical industry now...
The dear old pharmacuetical industry. Folks who brought you all the lies and changed the health of Americans. They have damaged immune systems with vacinations. They regularly kill an average of 100,000- 125,000 Americans each year with over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Just in the last 4 years the pharmaceutical people killed more americans than we lost in all of World War 2.
Plain and simple folks, we are all going to have to chose a side soon. Changes in our country are desperately needed if we are to continue to be a part of history. The world is developing into a new place. For some years I have been involved in the fight, but it wasn't till I was drugged by a so-called friend (thru a cop) and thrown in jail naked and unconscious. Instead of being taken to the hospital like these cops are trained to recognize. On top of that, my wheelchair was locked in my truck in the impound. I had to drag myself around the jail floor.
But that's just my story. There are so many others who have been persecuted and continue to suffer because of a lie told over 75 years ago by the wealthy class of America. The same wealthy who got us in all these horrible wars in the last 60 years. The same wealthy who decided middle class and lower income citizens should suffer from a corrupt jail-building "justice" system. The wealthy class seem only to make Americans suffer. Maybe we need a new class of wealthy?
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